Worx WG591 Leaf Blower Review – [Updated December 2018]

Last Update: April 18th, 2022   

Worx WG591 Leaf Blower

The Worx WG591 is a powerful, quality cordless leaf blower which has been on the market for some time, hence it’s proven, widely used and well reviewed. It features a brushless motor, one hand operation with soft grip and thumb speed dial to switch air volume settings. With a warranty of 3 years and 4+ customer ratings on Amazon, the Worx WG591 cordless leaf blower could be the best, most reliable garden blower of choice. 

  • Outstanding power-to-weight ratio
  • Long warranty period of 3 years
  • Interchangeable PowerShare batteries
  • Ergonomic design
  • High air speed of 125 mph and air volume of 465 cfm
  • Battery runs out quickly
  • Expensive secondary battery
Air Volume (cfm)
Air Speed (mph)
Weight (lbs)

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Worx WG591 Turbine feature

The Worx WG591 features multi-speed fan control that gives the option to use it gently in the garage but boost the power when you need it most. 

Worx developed a turbine fan technology that has been incorporated well into the design, making it powerful and robust while still ergonomic.

In high settings this blower offers a hell lot of power with maximum air volume of 465 cfm and air speed of 125 mph which makes it ideal for heavy duty work, even blowing away leafs in wet conditions. Lower settings offer 225 cfm and 60 mph which is enough to clear light debris or grass around your home and yard while promising long operation time.

Worx WG591 with Brushless Motor

It has a brushless motor which means it has a higher power to weight ratio, higher maximum speed and electronic control (source). 

Battery Life

The Worx WG591 comes with a 56V MaxLithium Battery and charger. Based on user reviews the WG591 bleads its battery in about 25-30 minutes on medium speed, while the battery would run flat in a mere of 15 minutes on full power. Therefore, it may be best to get a second battery for backup as needed.

The battery has a charge indicator that tells roughly how much juice left, which we find quite helpful. 

Battery charging time is ≈90 minutes.

WORX WA3555 56V 2.5 Ah Lithium Ion Battery

WORX WA3555 56V 2.5 Ah Lithium Ion BatteryWORX WA3555 56V 2.5 Ah Lithium Ion Battery
We do recommend getting a second battery and thankfully, the Worx WG591 is part of the Worx Power Share program, hence it can used for your other 56V Worx tools as well. 

What did previous Worx WG591 buyers say?

This Worx blower has amazing reviews, no doubt about it. Many buyers agree that the Worx WG591 is very powerful, well balanced and does an excellent job. People seem to be surprised the first time they handle it, finding this leaf blower rather lightweight for its performance and its looks.

Some complain about the short operation time of the battery in full power, quoting 15 mins, while on low power this time seems to be much higher. There is a consensus that the TURBO option is not much needed and even the low setting is enough to clean up the driveway or sidewalk from light debris.

A number of customers upgraded from 18V systems to this 56V WG591 model, and were really impressed by the difference.

Worx WG591 Features in Detail

Check the Worx WG591 Cordless Leaf Blower features in details

Warranty and Support

Worx offers 3 years of limited warranty on the power tool and 1 year on the battery. 

Worx as a brand has been out there since 2004 and built a solid reputation. It’s North American headquarters are based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Conclusion – The Worx WG591 Cordless Blower

It’s difficult to find the best cordless leaf blower for your home and surroundings and one that suits your specific needs. We’ve conducted this review to make your decision making a bit easier. 

The Worx WG591 blower was our Best Performance winner in our showdown article about cordless leaf blowers for 2022.

Ultimately, this Worx model is one of the best cordless leaf blower on the market that we can recommend with confidence.