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Top Gardening Blogs and Magazines

Here is a list of the top gardening blogs, magazines and publications that we monitor and hand-pick the best articles from.

The Guardian

The Gardens section of the U.K.-based Guardian newspaper offers profiles of distinguished gardens, plant-of-the-week profiles, and gardening advice columns. It also offers general gardening news and interest pieces.

The Telegraph Gardening

This blog is the online component of the U.K.-based Telegraph newspaper’s gardening section. They feature gardening trends as well as news from the gardening world.

The Royal Horticultural Society

The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity. They aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place.

Raise Your Garden

I’m Laura, an avid gardener who loves getting my hands dirty working in the home and garden. DIY projects are a way of life, stretching me and pushing me to try new ideas that will cultivate my yard. I love sharing what I’ve learned with you and equally enjoy your insights. Growing organic produce is my pride and joy. Eating and cooking it even better. Thanks for checking out my home and garden blog.

Alaska Master Gardener

This blog is a simple and effective way for Alaska Master Gardeners to volunteer by sharing their knowledge and expertise about Alaska gardening.

Mother Earth News

At MOTHER EARTH NEWS, we have been educating folks about the benefits of self-reliance for 50 years. That includes researching and sourcing the best books and products to help individuals master the skills they need in times like these and beyond.

Gardening Know How

Deep Green Permaculture

Deep Green Permaculture – teaching people how to work with nature, empowering people to live sustainably! We’re an educational website with lots of practical information and easy to follow DIY instructional guides on a wide range of topics such as permaculture (ecological gardening), urban agriculture, food forest gardening, backyard orchard culture, organic gardening, and more. Because permaculture is about more than just growing food, you’ll also find plenty of useful information on sustainable living, health and wellbeing here too.

Urban Turnip

Urban Turnip is blog for space-stretched city gardeners. It covers topics like container growing, house plants, gardening tools, and more.

Laidback Gardener

A daily gardening blog about all aspects of gardening, seen from the “less is more” approach. Written by a garden maniac, author of over 50 books on gardening, with 40 years of experience. There are 2,000 articles and counting, so what are you waiting for?

Plants Bulbs Seeds

Gardening has given me a wealth of pleasure and well-being. I am a firm believer in making the most of nature and the outdoors to improve ourselves both mentally and physically. PlantsBulbsSeeds is all about helping people get the most from their outdoor space with friendly advice, tips and inspiration.

Urban Garden Gal

Urban Garden Gal helps gardeners to create a productive and beautiful urban garden, no matter how much garden space they have.

Favorite article: Climbing fruit plants

Garden Savvy

Garden Savvy is the gardening search engine designed to make it easier for you to find new and exciting gardening suppliers. Whether you’re a gardener looking for rare seeds, or a supplier looking for more exposure, Garden Savvy is here to help. Over 1600+ gardening suppliers and growing!

Urban Gardens

Welby-nominated Urban Gardens features articles about home and garden, sustainable living and design, architecture, public spaces, design trends, cool products, and garden tourism.

Tropics at Home

Blogging about growing iconic tropical plants in pots and containers indoors anywhere. In my case in our apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. Tropical plants info, care, ideas and inspiration. Aloha feeling as a part of living!

The Anxious Gardener

The Anxious Gardener is for anyone who is interested in how an English country garden is managed throughout the year: the plants grown, the toil, the successes, the failures and also the rich wildlife I encountered. The Anxious Gardener won the Garden Media Guild Award for blog of the year in 2015.

Favorite article: At Last, The Priory

Succulents And Sunshine

Succulents are amazing plants, but if you're not in the "perfect" climate they can be a bit of a challenge to keep alive and thriving. The care techniques at Succulents and Sunshine will help you understand the essential needs of succulents and how to adapt them to your climate. We're convinced succulents can grow anywhere in the world and are here to help you grow them wherever you live.

Tender Gardener

The Tender Gardener explores gardening, permaculture and self sufficiency topics with the goal of inspiring a connection to plants and nature. Here you will find interesting articles and interviews with both hobbyists and experts, as well as growing guides for beginners.

Old World Garden Farms

Old World Garden is a Home & Garden website dedicated to simple living on our farm through DIY, Gardening, Cooking & Canning. We share weekly garden advice, recipes, canning recipes and home DIY projects.

Susan in the Garden is a celebration of all aspects of gardening: growing your own food, following organic practices, and learning about the insects and birds in your garden. Designed by garden writer Susan Mulvihill, this website will help you be successful no matter what you're growing. It also includes an index to Susan's extensive library of how-to-garden videos and her weekly garden columns. Susan lives and gardens in Spokane, Washington, in USDA hardiness zone 5b, but the information she shares is applicable to gardeners around the world!

Favorite article: Organic Pest Control

Creative Vegetable Gardener

Megan Cain's educational website, The Creative Vegetable Gardener, dishes up no-nonsense advice that helps gardeners grow more food in their gardens. Her mission in life is to help gardeners cut through the noise of all the overcomplicated gardening advice out there by keeping it simple. She offers up smart solutions that work to get you better results from all of your gardening efforts.

Growing in the Garden

Organic master gardener in Arizona sharing garden inspiration & helpful tips for growing your own garden.


Are you obsessed with organic gardening, have a thirst for knowledge and a healthy sense of humor? Whether you’re a novice or garden nerd veteran, there’s a place for you here.

Chickadee Gardens

Chickadee Gardens began in 2016 as a dream and two blank acres. Now on this adventure, we have established both sun and shade garden plantings as well as a large vegetable garden and small orchard. We raise honey bees and chickens and have a turkey named Sweet Pea. Our focus is native plantings but we also love (non-invasive) ornamentals. Sustainable gardening is our goal. Changes occur regularly but the focus remains: this garden is for the chickadees (and bees, and bugs, and husband, and cats, chickens, turkey and...)

Country Living in a Cariboo Valley

Country Living in a Cariboo Valley is all about gardening and homesteading in Zone 3, which is a little trickier than warmer weather areas. Yet Annie and Graham are able to grow about 85% of the food they eat. If you want to learn about freezing and canning your own fresh produce, all the information you need is on the website. Along with vegetable and fruit gardens, they raise chickens, pigs and cattle.

Growing Family

I’m Catherine - writer, gardening geek and fan of wellies. Growing Family is my home and garden blog where I share ideas, inspiration and tips for making the most of busy family life. I firmly believe you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy gardening, and I hope my blog inspires people to have a go and have fun in the process.

Gear Trench

GearTrench provides information related to gardening and home decorations for new and experienced users. The comprehensive and well-researched articles provide practical and helpful ideas, tips, and techniques to get started with gardening and create a beautiful looking home and garden. Our focus is to provide resources to readers to get started with a high chance of success in their garden and home projects.

Creative Living with Bren Haas


Fine Gardening

Permaculture News

Gardeners World

Tower Garden

Thompson Morgan

A Way to Garden

Garden Therapy (Canada)

Southern Exposure

Epic Gardening

Sarah Raven

You Grow Girl


Premeditated Leftovers

Garden Rant

Gardeners Path

Root Simple

Plantcare Today

Green Child Magazine

Backyard Gardener

Garden Collage

UrbanJungle Bloggers

Gardening Channel

Savvy Gardening

Empress of Dirt

Garden Betty

One Hundred Dollars

Get Busy Gardening

David Domoney

Harvest to Table

The Horticult

Grow a Good Life

Tower Garden (Canada)

Pith and Vigor

Chiots Run

Joy Us Garden

Gardening Gone Wild

Garden Drum

Urban Organic Gardener

Plant Lust

Tillys Nest

Cold Climate Gardening

My Tiny Plot

Succulents and More

Deborah Silver

The Middle Sized Garden

Debra Lee Baldwin

Tenth Acre Farm

Veggie Gardening Tips

Smiling Gardener

May Dreams Gardens

Growing the Home Garden

Amateur Gardening

Aquapoincs Association

104 Homestead

Gardening Leave

Growing with Plants

Thrifty Homesteader

Frustrated Gardener

The Danger Garden

Big Blog of Gardening

The Impatient Gardener

North Coast Gardening

Seasonal Wisdom

Nothern Homestead

AZ Plant Lady

Accessible Gardens

Log House Plants


Home Garden Joy

Cactus Jungle

Garden Professors

Harmony in the Garden

Garden Fundamentals

Central Texas Gardener

The Gardeners Eden

Bees and Roses

The Survival Gardener

Get Urban Leaf

The Unconventional Gardener

Tall Clover Farm

Home Grown Happiness

Bren Haas

Clever Bloom

Toronto Gardens

What Grows There

Sustainable Market Farming

Hoosie Gardener

A Great Garden

Small Town Gardener

Farm Food Family

California Gardening

Sunday Gardener

The Hypertufa Gardener

Geek Gardener

Piwakawaka Valley Homestead

Dana from Piwakawaka Valley Homestead believes that anyone can learn to garden successfully with the right support. From beginners to advanced gardeners, you will find something for you here.

Food Forest Plants NZ

Urban Vertical Farming Project

Miss Smarty Pants

Aussie Organic Gardening

Plant Whateer Brings You Joy


Skippys Garden

Goto 4 Gardening

The Garden Diaries

Gardening Wizards

Try Backard Farming

Davids Giant Vegetables

Wildlife Gardening Forum

Invisible Gardener

Fresh Eggs Daily